Margot Peterse Tekenschilderingen Transparant

Margot Peterse (1962) attended Utrecht Academy of Arts from 1982 to 1987. At the moment she works as a costume designer for theatrical productions and also makes costumes for dance and theatre groups.

In recent years she has been impoving her skills in the liberal arts: photography, drawing, painting and etching. A growth process. A development. But also curiosity: What happens next?

In the individual art forms various sides of Margot's personality come to the fore. Not only her vision OF life but also her interaction WITH life.

Her solitary side is evident in the photo series 'Gestolde oerkracht' ('Solidified primal force') in which she visualizes her wonderment of life. Her expressivity is seen in her tekenschilderingen (paint-drawings) of nudes: the almost physical challenge of large and exhuberant work. In the etchings you experience a part of the power she extracts from the fight with the materials, resulting in an image that often amazes her too. And finally, the need for creative interplay in her work for the theatre; imagining and producing a costume that embodies a story in that large whole of a production and one that is is also professionally executed for the individual player, carefully attuned to the challenges of his or her role.

Margot also finds inspiration in sharing her work with others - like you. Her guest book lies open for your comments, reactions and messages. If you would like futher information concerning her work, or would like to discuss either a project or the purchase of one of her works you can reach Margot also by her guest book. She would also like to hear from you if you know of an interesting place where she could exhibit her works for sale.